How It Works


X-Autoimport Magento Extension is useful to import the Data from XML to Magento with Cron job or Manually .

X-Autoimport have Great Product Mapping Based on the Product Attribute set .

X-Autoimport also support the Category Mapping that helps to import the product on the Mapped category .


  • Step 1 ( File Installation )
    • Disable the cache of Magento store
      • System -> Cache Management
    • Disable the Compilation
      • System -> Tools -> Compilation
    • Upload the All Files to root Directory of Magento Installation
    • Folder of Extension
      • app
      • js
      • var
  • Step 2 ( License Configuration )
    • You have Ask Your License Key from our support ( )
    • Select the “Current Configuration Scope” to Default Config
    • After Insert the License Key Click on Save Config Button ( right top )
    • If you Key is Valid then You got a Menu in top Called “Evirtual Xautoimport

Cron Tab Setting

Cron Tab Setting
Field Description
Status Status is related to the disable the Cron for the Particular Profile of X-Autoimport
Available Days Available Days is helpful to setup the Cron of the weekend of everyday of the weeks as per the User requirement
Active From, hour & Active To, hour Active From, hour & Active To, hour are helpful to run the Cron on between time of selected
Interval, hours Interval, hours is helpful to re-schedule the Cron of specific time
Restart Cron, times Restart Cron, times is helpful to run the Cron how many time in specific hours to the Setting

Validate Data Source

Validate Data Source
Field Description
Source Type  We support the Source Type  as XML in Profile
Source URL
Source URL is web URL of you XML file that alias on any server
Validate Data  Validate Data is the Button that Validate the XML and for Mapping so you Must have to click on this Button before Proceed next.

Root Field Mapping

Root Field Mapping
Field Description
Root Field Mapping Root Field Mapping is very useful part of the mapping where you can define the root of the Product data in the XML

there is Two type of the Root :

If XML have the One Product to import then It called as Example 1 XML

in this case you have to select the Parent Node as <> .


If XML have the More then One Product to import then it called as Example 2 XML

in this case you have to select Parent node as <Product>


Example 1
Example 2

Field Mapping

Field Mapping
Field Description
In Database In Database have the list of the Attributes based on the Attribute set that you select on the Profile section
In File In File have the list of the nodes that alias in the file

Category Mapping

Category Mapping

Field Description
Category Field  In this Field you have to select the Category node from you xml , if you have multiple node for category like category , subcategory then select multiple here else you can go with single node
Mapping In this you can select the database category and xml category and map that
Use Magento Single Category  Here is List of all Magento category and one option called “NO” , if you select no then mapping will show else all Product imported in single category