Overview introduction

Product description

Auto Product Import is used to import the bulk products from web services OR XML/JSON.   It is easy to use and user friendly, the setup up is quick and efficient. Thousands of products can be imported within few minutes on single click.

Easy mapping fields:
It have the feature of Category mapping by which user can import the category wise products. It also have the Product attributes mapping, user can just map the XML/JSON or web services fields with database fields and RUN the profile.

Images can be imported directly using image url, no need to import on server and move image files. No core file conflict, Pure code and the data will be imported quickly.

Product highlights

  • Import Images After First Run – Yes/No
  • Category mapping
  • Fast Products Import
  • Multiple XML with multi NODE
  • Cron Setting for each Profile
  • Community Edition: 1.6.x.x to 1.9.x.x

Auto Product Import Why

Import Products with One Click : Evirtual technology now brings hastle-free solution for product import. Now you can import products with lightning fast speed with features like category mapping, Product attributes mapping, Multiple XML with multi NODE and Cron Setting for each Profile.

Save Time : There were days you need to hire a developer to upload the products manually one by one costing thousands of dollars but now at just $199 you can import the products in no time.

It’s Easy For You : User friendly, with 24*7 support makes it easier than nothing else to import the products..Free navigation document is always there to understand the functionality and get the task done by you itself.

Features the key

Import images after first run

Import images after first run

This extension allows you to choose to import the product again while updating the values because generally product images not change frequently. so you can choose yes/no

Customisable import option

Customisable import option

This feature gives you the authority to choose what you want to do while importing. It supports in three scenarios -

1. Update existing items only and skip the new ones
2. create new items and update the existing ones
3. create new items only and skip the existing ones

Re-index products

Re-index products

In this extension you get the complete space to choose to re-index the products after the import is completed.
This feature helps you to provide index to the product table after the import and if you want to do it manually you can do that as well by setting it NO.

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